Sunday, August 17, 2008

RIP Bernie Mac

A self made legend and a comedian that was greatly loved and will be greatly missed....Oct 5 1957-Aug 8-2008, Rest in Peace

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I like this car

I just came across this environment funny car thats just too cute. Its the new Cadillac Provoq, its a plug-in hydrogen-electric fuel-cell luxury hybrid Concept thats a mouth full. It looks great, maybe be 2010 when I finally rip myself away from my beloved 81 baby, maybe it will be for one of those. BUT, its going to be so hard, Im a old school lady so I love old cars but with gas prices and the way inflation is looking, one of those would be a good investment. I'll be doing a car show sometime in Sept so hopeful it will be there so I can get a up and close look at it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Favorite:


Yes, I love Storm but Misty Knight is the bomb...
I first heard about her from the "Hero for Hire" Issue 07
I cant get enough, I would love to see her in a film...she's amazing

In my opinion best actress for this role would be KD Aubert or Gabrielle Union...what do u think ?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Its not that serious

I use to not understand why people posted stuff or was talking about this hater that and this.... come on, why cant we all just love each other and be happy for those that are successful and support those being true to them self...... But now, I see you get a little older, move a little out of your norm and better yourself, then you too see why haters are alive and multiplying..... Everyone has at one point encounted those people that get an attitude because you can do things that they cant. They want to make you miserable like them and they get mad because their life is shitty. Well, the shit is old and tired.... people like that need to get a life. Stop, saying I cant do that and fucking do it. Or better, stop putting your nose in the air. Not everyone, defines success with material things and please do not think "women haters" that men defines that person either. Stop worrying why so-in-so has that man and find you a fucking one. Just because someone is telling you about something great happening in their life or maybe something that sounds to good to be true. Stop hating thinking that it somehow reflecting that they have it better then you. Note, them being happy is not about you. And for those haterz whos co workers are always late, stop crying to the boss about them and just make sure your work is done. And please dont think hater, that she/he is thinking their better then u just because they look good or do not relate to you, maybe you just dont fit into their world. Its nothing personal, got your own and then you'll understand. Men haterz stop acting like bitches and be men. Some people need to stop thinking that everyone is hating and some of you just need to quit hating....its really not that serious.