Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just another poem

As I ventured to the wood,
I stopped to draw on dewy air; let
Droplets shimmer in my hair, that
Rested on my tranquil head – as
In a sense of cosy bed.

As I ventured to the wood,
A gesturing cuckoo perched above,
And then in song with cooing dove,
‘You're welcome’, bade he, ’Enter please
To roam our land with gentle breeze.’

As I ventured to the wood,
A fallow deer of limpid eye
Gave care to glance at lucky I.
The heavenly aura 'bout her glow had
Charmed me, like a fine Bordeaux.

As I ventured to the wood,
A dazzling flower waved her face
In blazing show of dance and chase, and
Reddened bright in shade of dawn, she
Flirted like a prancing fawn.

As I ventured to the wood,
A butterfly had graced my arm,
And knowing I bid him no harm, he
Splayed for me hypnotic wing in
Colours for to urge me sing!

As I ventured to the wood,
The radiant sun shone down on me.
He flushed and beamed ‘I say to thee,
You bless your land; be filled with pride, and
Cherish e’er yon countryside! ’

~Mark Slaughter

Just feeling this way...

Just wanted to share this video with you guys...She sang her heart out in this one. I think most people has had that one person from their past that makes them think. I know I do but in the end, sometimes its best to just let it go. You have to forgive yourself and/or forgive them to let your mind find peace. Realize maybe your never understand why things are the way they are but you have to stop looking back & keep moving because time waits for no one. Your either going to keep living or die. It doesnt matter how much you love them, if they dont love you just as much or more, it aint worth it. And ya it hurts like hell, sometimes those old wounds open up and the scars bleed again but you got to pak it back up again. Dont let it pull you down. I would rather be alone with a broken heart with the chance for it to mend then stuck unhappy and hurting. As I grow older I learn everyday but what I learned most important is that; u have to just let God lead and have faith.... when it comes to love there is no easy answer

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

What a year..So many changes and new things that have happened. Like seeing my very 1st snowflake. I was so exicted until my feet went numb. But still had a great time!! Also, we welcomed the new addition to my family Cynthia James...we are all so excited, she's named after my mom!! Aint she beautiful!!

Well, Im def looking forward to Jan 1 mark. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. I hope everyone enjoys this special day and gave thanks to the one up high...Merry Christmas everyone!!! countdown is on for the NEW YEAR...smooches

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Added a new video

Hey everyone, just was in the house i added a new video to my Natural Hair Journey on check it out and leave comments


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Im back

Its Nov and i cant believe i havent posted anything for months...Sorry, ive been super busy and working on some new developments in my personal life...nothing in modeling to just relaxing and taking sometime to myself away from the scene.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Heres a clip from the TV Show "SHOW OFF" I was on sometime earlier this year...check it out Ch 9 in Tallahassee Fl

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The act of being Happy...

True Peace comes with Knowledge....I like this song, just had to share it!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Hair Journey

Hey everyone,

Sorry i know its been a min but i have been really busy with school and trying to keep daily life in order. Well, one of the new projects ive been working on is getting a small jewerly business together with some of my friends....more info well be coming soon on that....Also, i started my natural hair care journey of being natural so if anyone is interested please check out my youtube page and comment and please do SUBSCRIBE..its FREE....thanks again

Check to see more of my Natural Hair Care Journey

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Real talk

Im thankin GOD for gettin me out of this situation, my health may not be the best right now but ill be ok.....I value my life and my love ones....I realize life is too short.....It's long time over due, but the time has come to eliminate all the baggage,bogus, negative people & energy from my life along with those who don't have my best interest at HEART.....Those who do, I love u and those who don't, I love u too just because...I will continue to excel with or without u...Real talk

This is me with my lil puppy Boo...ya'll wish me luck and pray for me...with God I can do it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ask me anything

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ask me anything

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Treating my Nails

So, I always get white tip french...Got bored tried something different...and yes they are my natural nails 100% real....Let me know what u think or if u have any ideas for future designs

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I like this poem alot..


I prayed for you before we met,
Not knowing who you'd be.
I asked the Lord to send a friend.
One chosen just for me.

I asked that they'd be Godly,
With wisdom of His ways.
A friend to help and guide me
I the troubles of these days.

So often in life, we need someone
To listen while we talk.
Someone who will not condemn or judge,
But encourage us as we walk.

The narrow road we choose to follow
May sometimes make us stumble.
But to have a friend to catch our fall,
Teaches us to be humble.

When I asked the Lord to send a friend,
Though many came and went.
He gave much more than I ever asked,
For you are the friend He sent.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

you over D'd


o·ver·dosen. An excessive dose, especially of a narcotic.
v. To administer too large a dose or too many doses to.

Take me in ... not to much though ... day after day ... 4 times a month ...or once a year ?

I think I got you hooked ... your stung out over me ... was it the way I put it down ?

Do you know what has you like a addict? do you need a fix? Can you handle it? !

Do you like the feeling I'm giving you? I feel it too, its like substance abuse ..I'm seducing you, just to leave u ...its a game we play day after day but its gonna go my way....

its like dope ... you want me close feed what u need .. u over D'd?

Yes, Indeed...should I provide my friend with another fix...? Now u strung out over im in a zone made me sad ... Ill consider rehab!

...unhealthy circle twisted back and forward overdose on each other

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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Im really surprised to say this but this has been one of the best New Years I have had in a long time.... I dont have much to say this year, I wrote it all down in my heart and in my head cause finally ITS OVER, thank you Jesus, everything happens for a reason....Im wishing everyone a Happy New Years !!! Signing off...

Rene' J

Saturday, December 26, 2009

WTF...catty female women...

I was talking today to a upcoming model in Tallahassee...really nice girl about how she was upset that other models were hating on her...My advice: catty females comes with the job. Most of the time you just pay them no interest...

Another model posted this, I thought it was a cute statement, its really sad but true...

"Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it wasn't that way. It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you."

This is my model advice:
just roll your eyes, flip your hair, smile and keep shining...that is unless she wants to act a fool and get in face then knock a BITCH out...other then that, KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS...

So if you a celebrity don't pay attention to the cheap tabloids because only trashy people subscribe to them....don't hate just participate, always let your light shine are a example of positive energy!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Up too late

So its like 5am and Im still up.....cant sleep. It was raining like crazy last night and everyone was calling my phone but who I wanted too...miss my Zz boo. Im sitting just thinking about next year, trying to be focus, relax and put my full faith in God. Sometimes, I have days like that when i just think about my future and worry....I know its not healthy behavior but it seems like if i dont, I found that my day doesnt go so smooth. So, thankful that on the top of my list for today...laundry, walmart and cooking only.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jamming Original Divas

I woke up today and was feeling great!!! Jamming...

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Im Back, Questions??

Hey everyone, Im so sorry I have been so super busy that posting has came to a hold. But, Im getting back into it....Its been brought to my attention that some of you have a few questions. So, I am taking a few minutes to answer a few and feel free to comment if there are any other questions....

1st where have I been?.....traveling, taking care of school and enjoying life

(I just got back from a trip to Orlando, Hollywood California...which I loved, and ill be heading to Tampa soon and then back down to Miami....Ill keep u posted)

2nd Why have u lost weight ?

I was at a point that I felt I was I started a diet and new execise plan....also the modeling market I am in...size matters

3rd what goes on in your daily life ?

Read my blog....

(Im always updating it, even the old postings adding stuff re-read)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I saw online how this wonderful writer posted this poem for one of her breakhearted friend...It was just too sweet..I just had to share it with you all

Why do you beat yourself up
because you had the courage to love
gave all of yourself in hopes that he was the one

Why do you beat yourself up
When it was his choice to be unfaithful
His choice to hurt you

Why do you beat yourself up
Knowing that you had done everything for him
supported him, comforted him,
loved him more than you loved yourself

Why after his lies and deceit
do you still love him? and want him to love you
Why after the repeat of hurt and trust being lost
do you think that he deserves a love as pure as yours

Why do you beat yourself up
over what you could have done better
when you know deep down there was nothing

What makes you search for answers as to why
when they will not change the past
Nor mend your broken heart

Why when a man decides to cheat do we blame ourselves?
why does it make us question every little detail about who we are
Make us think that we are not worthy of love

Why when a man cheats do we still long for him to change
Realize how wrong he was, and fall in love with us again

Why do you beat yourself up
When you deserve more
When all that you have done is loved someone completely

Give yourself time and the pain will subside
and the mourning will cease
You will see that you are still you
Still wonderful, beautiful you

Nothing has changed except your experience in love
And your determination to share love with another

As you can never truly love someone until you learn to love yourself

It's His Fault by Amanda Gray