Thursday, August 6, 2009

WTF, Talk about Drama & Love

I heard this song on the radio by Mario. Im so crazy about his music. And he's so hot....Im going to go a little too personal here so u might want to stop reading if u not into those long "whats the point" reads ....Well, got me thinking about this crazy situation I got myself into. I went through a really bad break up some years ago and it took me a minute to trust a guy again....I think all woman have experience this in their life and well I give this guy that my gut was like totally I shouldnt have a chance to be with me and turned out he was playing games. Now after two years of being with this guy, I found out he was still messing around with his suppose of EX. Sucks right and to make things worst the woman is totally crazy, she thought that I was the one running after him. Come on, what a laugh!!! At first, I felt kinda bad for the woman considering we both were lied too and I tried to be peaceful but she wanted drama and wants my blood for her own issues with the guy...sure, a waste of air...On that Note: Ill say this once and no more...

"People that know me, know who I am and they see the truth for what it is and not how its been twisted...God has my back...what goes around comes around; Krama..... i dont entertain stupidity. "

There's always two sides too a story, and the older I get the more I see guys like this give all men a bad name... take a lesson plan for "Hugh Hefner"...about his money and his women, A true Player....I think everyone in this situation needs some spiritual healing, I definitely do, So please keep me in your prayers.....There are some good men out there and Im so thanking God and glad I found out the truth before i got caught up with a kid or something permanent. I Deserve Better. This break up thing with him was definitely for the best...I need to make a Remix for this song

Mario Ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garret - Break Up (Official Music Video - Watch the best video clips here