Thursday, February 28, 2008

The end of Black History month

NOoooo..... Feb is over so, I have to cry one time....cause this month makes me feel so proud to be black. I have to rep one black person in american history that i greatly look up too...Her life is just amazing...

Miss Ruby Dee Williams

Short bio:
(Oct 27, 1924-Present)
Married Ossie Davis
Lives in New York
Mother of three, one is a blues singer
Civil Rights Activist and Actress
Featured in over 50 films

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Too Funny

My day started off pretty bad, I was running late to my job,
(the other one that pays the rent), not too glamour....i was bored and really to go home by noon but who like always my co workers laughed at my knee highs being for the 60s but i dont care my feet were warm. Besides, some flu bug is going around so I dont want to use my sick days on a common cold when I could get the flu the next day and be out for the week....Im saving those extra days for my spring vacation too..... I need one bad (Im stressed) but whats new....Im still deciding where to go for vacation but thats another, anyways, I was surfing the net about to fall out of my so not comfortable office chair then I came across this funny video, I first saw it sometime last year when the whole R Kelly trial was big in the news (which I still havent seen the big nasty movie everyone was talking about) and what a song.....LOL

Dave Chapelle - (I Wanna) Pee On You - MyVideo

Monday, February 25, 2008

Setting Goals

Ok, Im through with my hiding point away from the parties and the people driving me crazy, Im jumping back on the wagon by the end of the month. maybe its cause im single again...and no i havent been singing along with Trina cause it was never perfect but anyways, i went to the scale the other night and I couldnt believe i was at 150 (ok maybe 155), im not hugh by a long shot but for modeling....totally not good...its time for me to start back on the exercise and get a grip on this anyways i had a shoot this Feb, which was a ball of fun with Nureign, trying something different with a ring effect. This is how im looking now but in two month I plan on taking a few pictures in the same dress for fun to see the results after the weight loss. Here's a pic from it...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the air

Happy Valentines Day.....mines was crappy but hope yours was great

I was just standing there, feeling depressed (yes, I said it) that another V-Day I was working long hours and going to go home and pop in a good black and white movie to make me feel better. Then, this song came on my net radio as I was working and It was like her words were speaking to my soul, its so wield that I was always that one out of my close friends that just wanted to have a family and find my soulmate....and I turned out to start modeling, going to college and who knows what God will bring me the next days cause its not like i asked for the world but things just follow me, Im so blessed and grateful to God and I know when the time comes God will place that soulmate in my life, cause I have faith in him....this song says what I couldnt, the way I was feeling in that moment

....maybe next year...ill actually have a happier song to sing

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do I Really look like her

I have always thought that I looked more like Diana Ross maybe because she's the bomb but my mom was a total look alike...

....just look at her pictures amazing....totally the bomb

... lately some people are saying that i have the look of Betty boo too, Im not too sure, I think its just her big eyes

Found this website that matches you to celebrities.....Do U think I look like her?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Missed the Grammy Awards

I cant believe I missed the Grammy Awards this year (so I watched it online)....and then I got to work and it seemed like everyone was looking at me crazy for asking if they watched it. I guess I should have known better to ask after they seemed bored by the premiere of fav of love 3....anyone that thinks that show is boring must think the Grammy Awards is 10 times more boringer....( ok so what, i know that word isn't in the dictionary) well fav’s show is off the chain aka "crazy" that’s why i cant watch it but my friends are always updating me on the new episodes......i cant get away from hearing about it and then i saw pictures online of some of the new females, one of them I know from around town, she went to FAMU, thats a University in Florida...what a small world. Anyways, back to the Grammy Awards......I gots to say this about the Grammy Awards


~performance of Beyonce and Tina Turner
~Amy amazing
~Alica Keys blue/green dress winning the Best R&B Performance award...stunning
~Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli these guys
~Cher...still beautiful....that woman never ages
~Aretha Franklin and BeBe Winans performance


~Alicia Keys singing with some old guy....his voice was amazing without her added voice
~Rihanna’s brown outfit..... ???
~Ashanti... I wish she just stayed home being bananas...sorry
~looking at Kayne West under different colored lights and those


Shes so pretty...I dont understand why this dress but I Love this dress on Carrie

My Fav:

He is so hot in red

That Moment:
This is History

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cant forget your roots

Everyone knows its Black History Month but this is the first year that I havent been able to take part in my hometown activities. Its so sad, i cant forget my not only Native American but also African-American...All children should know about the important changes that Blacks have done for the American people. Here is a list of some excellent shows that PBS provides in honor of Black History Month...LIST OF PBS BLACK HISTORY PROGRAMS

When I look at programs like these it reminds me how much my family have been through to see me doing something with my life....Heres a clip for the special AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES 2 aired Feb 6, if u missed it, u can catch it again on the 13th, this special was NOT a bore,wish i could have been one of the people in this show finding out about my ancestors, I really enjoyed watching going to make sure to tape it on the 13th....Heres the clip

My Favorite




The way I think.....

1) Understanding that your fans make you not, the other way around, bad attitudes aren’t pretty

2) You will never always be the baddest b****, in every event but, understand as long as you worry about SELF it doesn’t even matter

3) Looking good is a most, but understand that if your naturally cute you don’t have to wear tons of makeup, heels and hair to you’re a** 24/7, cause your beauty will always shine though no matter what u wear.

4) Just because you get paid for wearing some outfits that others will blink twice, understand that it doesn’t mean that defines who you are

5) Have an objective, goals and standards, Stand for something. Have your do's and don't, and let those that want to do it, do it.

6) Sometimes it’s lonely at the top, so bring your friends along for a midnight snack

7) Don’t let the industry make you, be yourself

8) BUT, most important, always thank God for his blessings and BRUSH THEM HATERS OFF

do u agree,anything missing, any comments??

-Hey, I was bored, what can I say--

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fashion Week

I was just sitting at work doing nothing today....I have everything done for the week. So, I took a minute to look through New York's Fashion Week photos on break and I came across a few I really liked........

Tokyo: Designers