Sunday, February 7, 2010

you over D'd


o·ver·dosen. An excessive dose, especially of a narcotic.
v. To administer too large a dose or too many doses to.

Take me in ... not to much though ... day after day ... 4 times a month ...or once a year ?

I think I got you hooked ... your stung out over me ... was it the way I put it down ?

Do you know what has you like a addict? do you need a fix? Can you handle it? !

Do you like the feeling I'm giving you? I feel it too, its like substance abuse ..I'm seducing you, just to leave u ...its a game we play day after day but its gonna go my way....

its like dope ... you want me close feed what u need .. u over D'd?

Yes, Indeed...should I provide my friend with another fix...? Now u strung out over im in a zone made me sad ... Ill consider rehab!

...unhealthy circle twisted back and forward overdose on each other

reposted from: Model Ashlee words!!!

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