Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just feeling this way...

Just wanted to share this video with you guys...She sang her heart out in this one. I think most people has had that one person from their past that makes them think. I know I do but in the end, sometimes its best to just let it go. You have to forgive yourself and/or forgive them to let your mind find peace. Realize maybe your never understand why things are the way they are but you have to stop looking back & keep moving because time waits for no one. Your either going to keep living or die. It doesnt matter how much you love them, if they dont love you just as much or more, it aint worth it. And ya it hurts like hell, sometimes those old wounds open up and the scars bleed again but you got to pak it back up again. Dont let it pull you down. I would rather be alone with a broken heart with the chance for it to mend then stuck unhappy and hurting. As I grow older I learn everyday but what I learned most important is that; u have to just let God lead and have faith.... when it comes to love there is no easy answer

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